2011-02-15 22:18:02

Transformers Land in New York, and the City Responds As part of the American International Toy Fair in New York this week, Hasbro parked Optimus Prime, the hero of the “Transformers” movie series, on 41st Street near 8th Avenue in front of The TimesCenter, where Hasbro is displaying its line of toys.

2011-02-14 08:36:54

Search Optimization and Its Dirty Little Secrets How a campaign of paid links on all kinds of unrelated Web sites pushed one retailer to the top of Google results.

2011-01-28 22:35:05

2010-10-10 10:15:43

Google Cars Drive Themselves, in Traffic Google has been working on vehicles that can drive themselves using software.

2010-09-16 06:09:50

Using Varnish So News Doesn't Break Your Server A month ago, the City Room blog ran a call for photos, asking readers to submit their photos of New York City’s waterfront. Thanks to the Stuffy photo submission system, The Times can run these requests for user photos on a regular basis, and I ge...

2010-08-16 07:58:53

China to Create a State-Controlled Search Engine A cellphone carrier and a news agency agreed to form the joint venture, which would extend the government’s control over the Internet.

2010-06-28 00:50:56

More Subject Headings Published as Linked Open Data Today we’re releasing our latest batch of subject headings to the Linked Data Cloud. We’re especially excited about this release because it’s the first to contain subject descriptors. Our previous releases contained only subject headings for peopl...

2010-04-16 05:54:48

How Often Is The Times Tweeted? I recently had the honor of speaking at the Chirp conference, where I got to stammer nervously about @anywhere and share a fun statistic I figured out a few days earlier: Someone tweets a link to a New York Times story once every 4 seconds. That i...

2010-04-03 08:26:03

A New View: Introducing Doc Viewer 2.0 Original source documents are the lifeblood of journalism, but rarely are documents associated with news stories seen by the general public. Reporters want to share this material, but the means of doing so — PDFs or Flash-based readers — simply fa...

2010-03-24 09:01:36

Stance by China to Limit Google Is Risk by Beijing China’s intransigence on the flow of information could harm its links to the global economy and sully its image.